Chiptronics, Inc

Chiptronics Officers and Employees

Chiptronics, Inc. is held by private stockholders with 100% of the stock held by persons of American Indian heritage.

Chiptronics Officers:

Linus Morin, Turtle Mountain Chippewa - President/CEO
Leo 'Rocky' Davis - Vice President
Bill Tuttle - Secretary/Treasurer

Chiptronics Employees:

Linus Morin, President
Leo 'Rocky' Davis, Vice President of Sales
Bill Tuttle, Vice President of Operations
Liz Baker, Administrative Assistant

Linus Morin spent 12 years with Turtle Mountain Corporation gaining extensive experience in all areas of a manufacturing plant from assembly, supervision, maintenance, shipping, and administration before coming on board with Chiptronics, Inc. Email -

Leo 'Rocky' Davis is the Vice President of Sales and has been a minority owner since 2000. He is a 1976 Alum of the University of North Dakota, Business Administration. He held a multitude of positions (production scheduler, production manager, VP of manufacturing, President/CEO, Engineering Team Leader) with various manufacturing companies. Rocky is trained in Six Sigma and lean manufacturing.

Organizational Chart

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